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honey bees

Our Work

This is just a few of the many bee removal jobs we have done if you have any questions feel free to message us

bees  in a wall

bees in wall

The bees in the wall here have been here for about 6 months we removed these safely and rehomed in a new hive. And they are doing well

bees in left front chimney 

bees where entering under a damaged crown cap and built comb in the void space we removed the crown cap and remove some bricks to access the comb we removed the comb and rebuilt the removed bricks and fitted a new crown cap a note was made that the a joining property also had issues with the crown cap 

live bee removal from a chimney
bees in roof

honey bees in a roof

The bees pictured here have been there for approximately 2 years these were safely removed and rehomed

swarm in a tree

a swarm of honey bees collected from a tree and safely rehomed

swarm removed from a tree
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