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Bee on Flower


The Answers You Need

Do you remove bees from roofs 

yes at Busy Bees Pest Control we can deal with both honey bees and bumble bees safely remove bees from walls, roofs ,chimneys ,floors ,ceilings and trees we can also remove swarms of bees  


I have bees in my wall what do I do 

I would recommend you have the bees removed by a specialist don't try to seal up the entrance when activity reduces as honey bees cluster and don't die off in winter so when the weather warms up the bees will try to exit if the entrance is blocked they will find another witch could end up being to the inside of your property 

can a bee keeper remove bees from my building 

No bee keepers are not able to remove bees from buildings. This is because you need specialists  insurances and training to be able to carry out this work.    

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